Sunsweet prunes, in love with the Sun.

We are really proud of our heritage, deeply rooted in our farming community in California.  We have been perfecting prunes since 1917, bringing these delicious nutritious wonders from our sun kissed orchards to your table for over 100 years.

The uniqueness of prunes lies in their ability to transfer all the good properties of the sun to those who eat them. A unique flavour, a deliciously natural taste, combined with their innate gift in offering an overall well-being brings a balance that is generated in the intestine and is carried to the bones. People who eat them reflect a radiance and exude good health. It's easy to be in love with them... just like it's easy to be in love with Sunsweet Prunes.

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The digestive properties of prunes are well documented but did you know that the fruit has other health benefits, too?

Prunes offer a range of vitamins and minerals, especially potassium, vitamins K and B6. They are also a source of manganese and copper, antioxidant nutrients which play a role in protecting cells within the body from oxidative damage.

For breakfast they can be added to yoghurt, cereal or eaten as a snack. 

Speaking of which, prunes are the perfect snack - they are naturally sweet and succulent but have a low GI, so release energy relatively slowly, so they satisfy your treat-cravings but don’t give you the short-term energy rush and sugar-crash, like many other snacks. 

We’ve handpicked some great booklets and guides that we think will help you fall in love with our prunes.  Everything from our 10 steps for a healthier lifestyle, to building bone strength, to keeping your digestion in sync… And to top it off, our brand new Gluten Free guide featuring 15 delicious recipes.

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When it comes to stocking up on convenient and natural products, Sunsweet prunes really do deserve a starring role on your shopping list.  

Prunes are surprisingly versatile; they can be used to add a nutritious boost to a variety of family meals. Their flavour can add a depth and richness to tempting mousses and slow-cooked stews. But, perhaps a little more unexpectedly, prunes can also add a fresh and fruity note to salads and smoothies and even sushi.  

So whether you’re looking for a super-quick snack, an elaborate feast, or something in-between, prunes are an excellent starting point.

There are lots of ways to include delicious and nutritious Sunsweet prunes - and their juice - in your everyday diet. So why not keep a pack or two handy, in the store cupboard?

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